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How To Stay Safe During a Flood

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Seven blue buckets and an air mover placed on a building after storm damage Storm water clean up in Sumner, WA

Flood Safety Tips

Storms can create unexpected circumstances in Sumner, WA. One minute your home may be fine, but the next you have rising waters in your basement. Because the situation can change so quickly, you need to know how to stay safe during a storm-caused flood. Keep these flood safety tips in mind whenever bad weather approaches.

Stay Out of the Water

Did you know that as little as six inches of moving water can cause you to lose your balance? Because it doesn't take high waters, you need to be careful whenever you have to walk through any type of flood. If you must walk through a flood, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Use a walking stick.
  • Hold on to something sturdy.
  • Walk quickly and cautiously.

While the waters may not be moving in your house, they can still pose a health and safety risk. However, as a homeowner, you cannot always avoid the flooded parts of your space. You also want to avoid standing water outside of your house even if you're in your car.

Avoid Electrical Equipment

Water conducts electricity, so you want to avoid electrical equipment whenever you are in standing water. If you know there is electricity running through your basement flood, you should turn off the power to your home before anyone enters the lower levels for the best flood safety. Even if you are damp and not currently in water, you should avoid electricity.

Call for Help

Storm-caused flooding can trap you in the upper levels of your home. If you need emergency help during a storm, you should call someone as soon as you can. After the danger has passed, you may need help restoring your home. Getting in touch with storm restoration services can make your cleanup process much easier.

The heavy rains of a storm may cause flooding in Sumner, WA. Knowing the best flood safety techniques can keep you and your home in one piece during a disaster.

Smart Ways to Prepare for a Flood

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Sealant gun crack covers the crack in the floor of the wall tile concrete Check the sealing around the building's doors and windows

Smart Ways to Prepare for a Flood

You can't often plan for when and where a disaster is going to strike, but you can be ready for such an emergency. Taking flooding for example. Water could find its way into your building through a broken pipe or a backed-up sewer line. These issues could strike suddenly, without warning. However, you can watch weather reports to know that a massive storm is heading your way. If you believe your office is at risk, there are things you can do to minimize the damage. Inspect the Property
There's no way you can prevent heavy rains and high winds from coming, but there are steps you can take to protect your employees and the materials and items in your building. If you're anticipating storm damage, do the following as soon as possible:

  • Make sure the rain gutters and downspouts are in good condition and that they divert water away from the building.
  • Inspect the integrity of the roof; repair weak spots and damage if possible.
  • Check the sealing around the building's doors and windows.
  • Inspect the foundation.

Get out the Sandbags

Sandbags are a staple for major flooding in Puyallup, WA. As soon as you know flooding is on its way, line the windows and every door with sandbags. Assemble as many people as you can to fortify your building against rushing water.

Take Care of Your Workplace Materials

Flood damage usually starts on the lower floors. To protect furniture, electronics, documents and personal items, move these materials to high ground.

Know Who You're Going to Call

If your building does suffer damage following a flood, there are two important calls you need to make. One is to your insurance agent. The other is to a reputable disaster cleanup team. This company can remove all the water from your office and restore damaged materials.
By following these guidelines, you can reduce the amount of damage your office has after flooding. Developing a plan can give you peace of mind.

How To Handle a Toilet Overflow

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet overflow A flooded toilet can cause a mess

How To Handle a Toilet Overflow

If your toilet backs up, flooding water over your bathroom, is this a major problem? Can you simply mop it up and move on? Believe it or not, this situation is actually far more serious than you might think. The premises have been exposed to black water, as this fluid contains high levels of microbes, fungus, and bacteria. Therefore, homeowners in South Hill, WA, should be extremely cautious of any sewer damage. Professional cleanup is needed to sanitize and safely restore the property.

1. Seek Help

As liquid starts to spill over, the contamination moves into several problematic areas: the floor, drywall, and carpet. Even tile's grout is porous, allowing the moisture to seep into it, moving throughout the room. Stop the flow quickly by immediately contacting a sewage company. This team should evaluate if a blockage or break is present and repair the source of trouble. Once this has been completed, call insurance and a water remediation company. Bleach and household cleaners won't eliminate the pollution. The specialists have the equipment to handle it.

2. Remove and Dry

If sewer damage ruins absorbent material tear out these items, discarding the contamination. This includes carpeting and rugs. Other valuables, such as furniture and photos, may be sanitized using specialized equipment that kills germs. Speak with your crew about what is available. In addition, drywall and baseboards should be tested and monitored for moisture exposure. Allowing the spillage to fester could lead to microbial or fungus growth. Prevent this by initiating drying procedures. Establish a contamination zone, and begin running industrial dehumidifiers.

3. Patch it

That flooded toilet caused quite the mess. The room is torn up; items have gone to the trash. With pollution minimized, the workers can apply antimicrobial spray and tackle the rebuild, securing replacements for what was lost.
When sewer damage takes place, contact specialists to correct the underlying issue and disinfect your space.

Is a Smart Smoke Detector Worth the Money?

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

smoke detector with white smoke and red warning light Smart smoke sensors have taken fire safety to a whole new level

Is a Smart Smoke Detector Worth the Money?

The traditional smoke detection technology has passed the test of time, making it one of the most reliable fire safety equipment. These trusty devices are usually dirt cheap, and they are free in some cities, such as Puyallup, WA. So why would anyone want to spend more than $100 on one smart fire alarm?

Here are some of the features of a smart smoke alarm:

  • Remote notification
  • Effortless disable
  • Wireless interconnect

Remote Notifications

A newer smoke alarm will send a notification to your phone when the alarm goes off. That means you get to know when something is wrong, even when you are not in the house. All you need is a Wi-Fi network to connect multiple sensors and facilitate notification. However, there will still be false positives that you can not verify unless you send someone to the house or install a visual smoke sensor system.

Convenient Disable

Sometimes, smoke detectors can go off due to temperature fluctuations or cigarette smoke. When that happens in older models, you have to press a button to make it stop, which can be particularly hard if the house has a high ceiling. A smart smoke detector, on the other hand, can take remote commands from a phone.

Wireless Interconnect

Picture this; you are watching TV in the basement, then one of the overloaded sockets on the first floor catches fire. One smoke alarm goes off, but it’s not loud enough to reach you, and the others don’t go off until it’s too late. That, however, can be solved by a smart fire sensor. They all go off at the same time, making it easier to stop a house fire before it gets out of hand.
Smart smoke sensors have taken fire safety to a whole new level. You can now receive real-time notifications, get a visual when something goes wrong, and even shut it off conveniently. That makes them worth the hefty price tag.

What Happens if Your Electronics Have Water Damage?

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

Water spilled on a keyboard of a computer The keyboard of a computer damaged by water

What Happens if Your Electronics Have Water Damage?

When it comes to dealing with water damage, some jobs are bigger than others. You never want to show up at work and see water all over the place. If you discover flooded electronics, you may think all hope is lost to salvage this equipment. Fortunately, there are some steps you can follow to remove the water, dry the items and even get the devices working again.

Calling the Pros

Your first thought upon seeing electronic damage is to contact a professional flood cleanup team. Trained techniques can safely remove water from electronics such as computers, printers, servers, televisions, monitors and cell phones. Professional teams offer the following advantages to doing it yourself:

  • They have proven techniques and methods of cleaning water-damaged electronics.
  • They know how to safely treat your materials.
  • They are licensed and experienced.

What You Should and Shouldn't Do

Cleaning flooded electronics requires caution. You should never turn on wet devices. It's OK to unplug electronics, but make sure you aren't standing in or near water when you disconnect them. Another smart approach is to turn off the power from the main breaker box. If there is standing water in the area, do not get near the electronics.

Cleaning Methods

If you want to try to clean the devices yourself, you can use some home-remedy techniques. If it's safe to do so, remove the battery from the device. Then, gently shake it to drain all remaining water. Use a small cloth or brush to carefully dry the components. You may also use a hairdryer or hand-held blower to do this. Reassemble any parts you have removed and test the device by turning it back on. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, let a professional handle this step.
If you have flooded electronics in your Elbe, WA, office, make sure you are careful and stay out of the water. These tips can help you get your devices back to working order.

The Presence of Mold and Lawsuits

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Cracked wall with mold Mold damage in a Fairfax, WA building

The Steps of Mold Remediation

If you own a property with tenants or are the manager of such a property, you have a responsibility to respond to complaints in a timely fashion. Failure to do so could result in a lawsuit against the property. Mold insurance claims result when mold is present in a building and this affects the desirability of the property or the health of tenants. While this can happen in a wide range of businesses, it is more common in places such as apartment complexes and other rental units. To avoid lawsuits, a property owner should take all complaints of mold seriously, and begin the steps of mold remediation as soon as possible.

Initial Steps

When a tenant in Fairfax, WA, notifies you of a problem, there are a few things to do right away. The following steps might reduce your exposure to mold insurance claims:

  • Acknowledge the complaint
  • Let the tenant know you will begin action quickly
  • Call a mold remediation team to conduct an inspection and damage assessment
  • Follow the recommended process for mold cleanup

Since mold can cause health effects to certain people, it makes solid business sense to treat the problem seriously and to avoid a mold claim. Both common law and many state laws require landlords to provide a healthy living environment for tenants. This is also true for business that have employees and clients who could be harmed by the presence of mold.

Final Steps

So long as your business has responded appropriately, you should be able to manage your vulnerability to mold insurance claims. It is important to respond quickly to the situation, and to follow through until the building is safe. This will include mold containment and mold removal with the help of a qualified team. It is crucial that you understand your business liability insurance policy and that you protect your business against a mold claim.

A Proven Process for Claims Service

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Picture of team members of SERVPRO SERVPRO of Puyallup/Sumner

Most businesses, if they are lucky and vigilant, only go through a real disaster once every few decades. While the company may have taken precautions to be prepared, the workers most affected may not have a lot of experience and training dealing with floods or fires. In these trying circumstances, a professional disaster remediation team will be a big help. Once SERVPRO franchise technicians arrive on-site, in as little as four hours, an inspection and damage assessment begins, while simultaneously attention to claim services starts. This attention to detail on insurance paperwork makes for a seamless process that is appreciated by insurance adjusters.

The Value of an Emergency Response

Quick action is vital to preventing further damage to a building and keeping expenses low. A fast response has the following benefits:

  • Increased safety
  • Prevention of additional damage
  • Prevention of mold outbreak from water damage
  • Faster recovery
  • Decreased business interruption

Proven claim services benefit from a streamlined process. Steps along the way include a notice of loss, detailed records of damages and mitigation efforts, digital photos, scanned copies of paperwork and communication to stakeholders. The process is meant to make things easier for insurance adjusters so they can better serve clients.

The Value of Trained Technicians

A Disaster in Elbe, WA, demands an effective response. Mitigation professionals are trained in the latest IICRC standards and proficient in equipment such as wet vacuums, industrial fans, and gamma irradiation measures. Experience and knowledge allow for damages to be minimized and provide the ability to restore items when possible, instead of more costly replacement. Pretesting of items also is an effective cost-containment measure.
Insurance agents needn't worry about paperwork that is missing details, is unclear and that is delayed. Organized and detailed claim services make SERVPRO the preferred disaster relief company for many insurance companies. It is one of the final steps in a successful recovery effort.

Common Places To Find Mold in Your Business

1/4/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold behind sink drain connections Mold caused by leaking pipe in a Eatonville, WA bathroom

Places Where Mold Commonly Grows

As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your business in Eatonville,WA clean and safe. However, mold growth can affect both the appearance and the safety of your building, and mold can sometimes be overlooked if you don’t know where to look. There are several places where mold commonly grows.

1. Bathrooms

Areas that are frequently damp and humid can help to create the perfect environment for mold to grow, making bathrooms a common area to find mold. Sinks or toilets may have mold growing near them because mold grows close to wherever water is present. Additionally, pipe leaks or even pipe breaks in a bathroom can result in water damage, which can allow for mold to grow.

2. Basements

Basements can often be a common site of mold growth. If a flood occurs, a building’s basement is likely the first place to be impacted, and floodwater may be left to sit. Mold can grow in a matter of days, and the longer water remains stagnant, the more likely it is for mold to grow. Basements are also likely to experience pipe leaks, and in combination with high humidity if a basement is not well-ventilated, mold can quickly grow.

3. Water Heaters and Air Conditioners

Although it may seem odd that mold would grow close to large appliances, water heaters and air conditioners are often areas in which mold grows. Both water heaters and air conditioners are often placed in areas that do not experience much foot traffic, like a basement, and such spaces often are susceptible to mold. Additionally, both water heaters and air conditioners could have leaks or could create condensation, and the increased moisture makes it more likely that mold will grow in that area.

Understanding areas where mold growth is likely can help you prevent mold from occurring in your business. If your building has been affected by mold, many people find it helpful to work with mold remediation professionals.

How to Remove Smoke Odor From Your Building

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire in a warehouse Fire damage in an Elbe, WA warehouse

How to Remove Smoke Odor From Your Building

If a fire starts in your building, you may be lucky to escape serious damage from the flames. Smoke can be just as problematic, though. Leaving soot and ash, smoke can ruin walls, floors, furniture, electronics and other materials in your Elbe, WA, building. The strong odor can be unbearable, too. Without effective smoke cleaning, it may be impossible for people to work effectively and safely. When you call the pros, you can have peace of mind that your workplace will soon be back to normal.

What the Specialists Can Clean

The sight of smoke damage can be scary for a business owner. You may not think you'll be able to recover from such a disaster. Fortunately, professional fire restoration companies have the training and knowledge to salvage many items in your building. Crews can clean the following:

  • Furniture
  • Documents such as maps, books, photographs and paper
  • Computers, printers, servers and telephones

What You Can Do

For significant smoke odor problems, you should let the pros take over. However, if the fire was in a smaller area, there are steps you can take to mitigate the damage. Open windows to get air flowing through the building. You can also turn on fans throughout the area.

Professional Techniques

Fire cleanup specialists will arrive at your office with the right tools and equipment to handle smoke cleaning. Technicians may begin with ozone machines. This device sends ozone gas in the air to kill airborne particles that the smoke left behind. Thermal fogging machines are another technique where a deodorizing solution absorbs the odor molecules. Some companies may use air filtration devices to remove the smell. Chances are good that the crews will use a combination of these techniques.
Smoke cleaning is critical after a fire. Professional crews will use these methods to make your office a safer, more pleasant place to work.

How To Maximize the Value of Your Commercial Roof

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

Construction worker wearing safety harness and safety line working on a metal industry roof Men working on a commercial roof in Fairfax, WA

Though it is often taken for granted, few things are more important to your business than your commercial roof. If you have a large building, construction and the care and maintenance of the roof is a significant expense. Even a smaller roof space represents a sizable capital outlay, so it is important to make smart decisions on all things to do with roofing. A simple roof leak has the potential to cause damage to your property, harm equipment and even shut down your business. A powerful storm in Fairfax, WA can be an existential threat to your company without a strong roof overhead.

The ABCs of Commercial Roofing

To prevent storm and wind damage, a solid roof is essential. Pared down to the basics, a successful roof program consists of the following elements:

  • Hire an experienced, reputable roofing contractor for all of your needs
  • Choose the best type of roof for your geographic locality
  • Schedule regular inspections by a professional to keep an eye on developing problems
  • Clean gutters and storm drains for good water movement
  • Repair such items as a roof leak and missing shingles as needed
  • Replace roof when necessary

Always have a category for roofing in your budget. It's better to plan ahead than to be surprised by a major expense.

The Fundamentals of Storm Recovery

If a roof leak, or something worse, impacts your business, call in a professional storm remediation team in Fairfax, WA. Look for a company that is located nearby and that can arrive Faster to any size disaster. A rapid inspection and assessment of storm damage is the first step, followed by removing any standing water from the premises. The storm cleanup team will work safely, bring in advanced equipment and use proven techniques to restore your property to its original state. A rapid response means your company can be up and running again Like it never even happened.